Based out of Edmonton in Canada, Uncle Outrage is one of those few bands that doesn't fit into any genre, you'd have to listen to understand. In the public eye since 2003, UO has overcome the odds (of being genre-impaired) to have amassed a huge local/regional loyal following & a massive amount of fans online, scattered throughout the North-American underground music scene. Although UO tours as a 4-man group, it is actually a one-man-studio-band (Nils Rasmussen). The electro-cyber-junk-punk (or whatever you want to call it), is completely written, produced, recorded, and mixed all by Nils.

Over the years UO has released 4 full length albums, which via website and live shows alone, have sold more than 4400 copies completely independently. Due to a lack of money, having come from a project housing family, Uncle Outrage has only toured Western Canada, playing 60+ shows in about 3 years.

Here are a few more stats on the band:
- Had the #3 top Alternative single in Canada on in 2003
- Over 825,000 online plays from MySpace, iLike, & (the old version of the site)
- 14 Awards from, including 4 separate songs as "Track of the Day"
- UO was Dose magazine /'s 1st Band of the Week (Feb. 2005)
- Independently sold 4,400 albums
- When auctioning off the last copy of the now-out-of-print 1st UO album online, the bidding war went up to a fan paying $160 USD for it.

So in summation, if Uncle Outrage has a message, or stands for anything, it's that they're sick and tired of all the no-balls, fashion-based bullshit music out there today. Nils wants to change the direction the music community is headed, (disaster), and get things back on the path where people write music that THEY want to listen to, instead of writing for the faceless masses. Music is supposed to be about passion, raw emotion, and a soapbox for artists. UO wants to take it back.

-(bio written by Leeanne Arial)

To contact Nils, email him via any of his e-mail addresses ;,, OR send him a message through Uncle Outrage's MySpace page.

"Why in the fuck do I have so many fucking e-mails?" - NILS

You Can SNAIL MAIL Your Orders Too!

Simply send cheques/money orders/concealed cash to:

Nils Rasmussen
9352 - 64 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta